A Few Signs Your Water Heater Might Be Failing

A water heater is one of the most important elements of a plumbing system. You wouldn’t have any hot water without it and wouldn’t be able to use your washing machine and your dishwasher either. You need to make sure your water heater is in good working order, especially during the winter months.

You can avoid finding yourself without a working water heating by simply monitoring it. There are a few signs that usually indicate that your water heater needs to be maintained or that a small repair is needed by a plumbing professional.

Learn To Recognize the Signs of a Failing Water Heater

Water heaters do not last forever. These appliances go through a lot of wear and tear during the winter, especially if your basement is not heated. The changes in temperature cause the metal tank of your water heating system to expand and to contract, which can lead to some damage. If your water supply contains a lot of minerals, your water heater might need to be maintained on a more regular basis.

Look for these signs and have a professional perform a hot water heater tune-up if you notice any of them:

- A leak, drip or a small puddle of water around your hot water heater.
- The flame should be blue and not yellow if you have a gas water heater.
- The temperature in your shower is not the same as the temperature set by the thermostat.
- There is rusty water coming from the faucets.
- Any cracks or bending in the water heater tank itself.

Fixing or Replacing Your Water Heater

You might be able to fix your water heating system by yourself if you are comfortable when it comes to working on appliances. You can for instance replace a heat unit or another part by yourself. However, replacing your water heater or fixing a more complex part is something you should hire a professional for.

Replacing a hot water heater tends to be expensive. However, getting a brand new water heater will actually help you save a lot of money on your bills since federal regulations dictate that newer water heaters should be more efficient than old models. You should see a real difference on your energy bills once a new water heating is installed. You need to assess your needs so that you can choose the perfect hot water heater in function of how much hot water your family needs.

Rely On an Expert To Maintain Your Water Heater

If you need to replace your old water heating, need to have a few repairs made or simply would like to have a tune-up done, you should get in touch with a professional plumber.