The Best Way to Cool Your Space

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With summer nearly here, continuing without an appropriate air conditioning system for your Toronto home or office is literally self-sacrifice. To escape the heat, sweat, and mental discomfort, not to mention the sweaty odours from everyone in the office, you need to adopt the right air conditioning system. It’s deemed to save you from seeing a couple of off-putting belly buttons for sure but more than that, it will create a comfortable working space for you and your counterparts. With a myriad of options when purchasing one, the process can be confusing for sure. This is why we have prepared the ultimate guide to buying the right AC system.

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Furnace Repairs FAQ

Unfortunately, as homeowners there aren’t a whole lot of options when it comes to the question of whether or not to get our furnaces fixed. Furnace repairs are a necessity because the cold Canadian winter leaves us with the pretty easy predicament – fix or die. Most of us can count on 0 fingers the number of people that are super thrilled with having mounting furnace replacement costs staring them down right during the holidays or when most industries are in the slow season. Luckily when you hear banging or clattering coming from the utility room, it’s not always a sign that a complete furnace overhaul is needed, sometimes minimal … read more

Furnace Installation – 6 Steps to Less Pain

It’s best to face it; there will come a time when you need furnace installation services. The brutal winters are hard not only on your body, but also your home, specifically the heating system. Not many homeowners are excited over paying for a new furnace or HVAC technicians walking through their house, but it’s a necessary evil if you want to enjoy a warm, cozy home. There are a few things that are inevitable with a furnace installation, but there are also some tips you can follow to ease the pain of getting a new heating system.

Make Sure You Need a New Furnace

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A Few Signs Your Water Heater Might Be Failing

A water heater is one of the most important elements of a plumbing system. You wouldn’t have any hot water without it and wouldn’t be able to use your washing machine and your dishwasher either. You need to make sure your water heater is in good working order, especially during the winter months.

You can avoid finding yourself without a working water heating by simply monitoring it. There are a few signs that usually indicate that your water heater needs to be maintained or that a small repair is needed by a plumbing professional.

Learn To Recognize the Signs of a Failing Water Heater

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HVAC Maintenance – Experts and Homeowners Alike

We can smell various odours all around us. Some are pleasant while some are a bit irritating and annoying to the nose. However, if there are unusual smells emitted by your HVAC system, it likely indicates a need for repair. You will have to call in an HVAC technician to do the job.

If for example, your HVAC unit smells like spoiled eggs, this could be an indication of a petroleum gas spill. Petroleum gas spill is very dangerous as it might cause fires and some health hazards due to its smell and chemical composition. Try not to do anything with it. Instead, turn off your HVAC system to … read more

HVAC Upkeep

When the air is very hot and humid, our mind usually drifts to things that could keep us cool and sane. We explore ways on how to better regulate the coolness or hotness of our homes to maintain indoor comfort and reduce the workload of our HVAC system. Keeping your heating, ventilation and air conditioning unit turned on for a very long time will definitely affect your utility bills and you won’t like it.

It is why it’s important to check the weather outside to know whether you need to turn on your AC or not. Often times your HVAC system breaks down because you use it for … read more

HVAC as a Home Modifier

Improving one’s home is definitely one of the things that a homeowner desires to do at some point in his or her life. Regardless of the odds, most homeowners will go to great lengths just to be able to live in a home that is safe, healthy, and is conducive for comfort.

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Pump Up Comfort, Not Costs

It takes more than just choosing an affordable heat pump that suits your budget and liking and installing them to where you want it to be when it comes to improving home comfort. Installing a heat pump requires utmost attention and expertise due to its nature and to avoid potential problems that may come with a poor installation. Hence, only HVAC experts should do it and not ordinary homeowners who know so little about how HVAC systems work. You’ll end up spending more money by trying to DIY, believe me.

Heat pumps are great in providing us with warm air that really comes in handy during cold and chilly days … read more

Defend Your HVAC System Through Regular Maintenance

The human body relies on the immune system for protection against various pathogens, illnesses, and diseases. In HVAC systems, maintenance done regularly is crucial in order to prevent our heating and air conditioning units from experiencing system failures and malfunctions and also to protect it from being fully damaged ahead of its time. However, aside from just maintaining your equipment, it is also important to keep an eye on telltale signs that may indicate a budding problem with the system before they become costly disasters.

The continuous increase in your utility bill will definitely hurt your finances especially that this summer season, most AC units run 24/7 to keep … read more

Care for your HVAC System

If the ducts in your HVAC units are left unclean, they can contribute to the decrease of indoor air quality, an increase of energy wastage and spread indoor air pollutants throughout your home. These systems supply conditioned air through the different rooms in your house, so it is important to maintain its cleanliness to ensure a constant supply of optimum quality of indoor air.

The first time my HVAC system started making weird noises, I didn’t know what was going on.  But I knew it wasn’t good.

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Broken Furnaces and Their Effects

The majority of us actually understand that we don’t only get colds from the chilly climate. There’s an expansion in airborne ailment this season since we as a whole invest more energy inside, regularly in structures with poor ventilation and inadequately kept up HVAC frameworks.

Numerous cutting edge structures, particularly in New York City, are firmly fixed to preserve vitality. Lamentably, if building frameworks are not appropriately kept up, the air can wind up dormant and contaminants, for example, microbes, infections, and even hazardous shape are caught inside. Much more dreadful, they have really flowed all through the working through the warming and cooling pipes. According to the Occupational … read more

HVAC and Health

Many might not have known, but heat pumps – as they are commonly known for – are not only limited to heating indoor spaces, it also circulates heat. Heat pumps could indicate whether heat is present or not, whether it is necessary to be present inside the house or not. It moves heat around. It takes heat from where it is present and stores this heat for future use when needed. There are several indicators that your heat pump is not functioning well. These signs may include blowing room-temperature air and you never achieve the desired temperature.

Heat pumps are great contributors to keeping us warm on those cold … read more

DIY Oil Furnace Repairs

Oil Furnace Repairs Etobicoke Ontario

If you think that your oil furnace is not as efficient as before, it is crucial that you identify its symptoms, so that you can immediately schedule for an oil furnace repair the soonest time possible.

Furnace problems happening in the midst of winter is something that needs immediate professional intervention, and an oil furnace repair can go a long way in making sure your heating system is back on track at the time of the year it is needed the most.

Here are several common issues that may warrant an oil furnace repair right away.

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How to Flush a Toilet Whenever the Water Is Turned Off

Modern indoor plumbing is an absolute necessity for the sanitation and health of practically every household in Canada. The bathroom toilet plumbing, for most families, works perfectly well 99 percent of the time.  The basic function is performed by simply pulling the handle.  However, whenever the water supply is cut off, that is when indoor plumbing isn’t able to do its job.  This can create a very unpleasant situation.  Keep reading for tips on how your toilet can be flushed when the water isn’t on.

Toilet Problems

When a toilet won’t flush, that isn’t as serious of a plumbing emergency compared to a flood, however it can cause an embarrassing … read more

How to Install a Drain Plug in Your Bathtub

Many people don’t realize the important role a bathtub drain stopper plays in their hygiene routine. A drain plug is not needed if taking showers. In fact, if you regularly take showers, you might not even have one. However, as experts from the field said, if you enjoy a relaxing bath, a drain plug is a necessity. If your bathtub does not have a drain plug or it is not working properly, you can easily install one.

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A Simple DIY Plumbing Repair

There are any number of reasons you may need to replace a drain plug. There may be a small leak around the … read more

Ways to Clean your Shower Drain

Plumber cleaning drain

It’s very alarming to see that as you take your shower, the water starts pooling under your feet. This is mainly because it calls for your attention to clean your shower drain. How does one clean a drain? If you find yourself asking this, well we’ve got the answer for you. But before we go to the steps, we’d like to give a reminder to make sure that the problem won’t last as it may cause odor problems, mold, and overflowing water which are the ingredients to having a complete disaster.

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Tips to Maintaining your Home’s Plumbing System

The history of plumbing started as early as the Roman times. However, we can thank technology for today’s modern and more advanced plumbing systems. Now we can all enjoy a good supply of hot and cold water on our demand without having to go through a lot of effort. Basically, the plumbing principle revolves around pressure and valves. Both sound very simple and easy to deal with, but everybody knows what a household can be when any or both of these start acting up.

Not many homeowners are keen on spotting plumbing problems especially when the issue is still minor. If you would like to be among the smart homeowners … read more