DIY Oil Furnace Repairs

Oil Furnace Repairs Etobicoke Ontario

If you think that your oil furnace is not as efficient as before, it is crucial that you identify its symptoms, so that you can immediately schedule for an oil furnace repair the soonest time possible.

Furnace problems happening in the midst of winter is something that needs immediate professional intervention, and an oil furnace repair can go a long way in making sure your heating system is back on track at the time of the year it is needed the most.

Here are several common issues that may warrant an oil furnace repair right away.

  • Your oil burner is working but is not firing – among the most common reason for this problem is an empty oil tank. During extreme Canadian winters that the country often experiences as of late, your oil furnace may be working more often than it did in previous years. You may be following a regular fuel delivery schedule, but still likely end up with an empty tank because your furnace generates more heat than usual. It can also be that you have clogged nozzles because of sediment buildup at the bottom of the tank. Other likely causes are an oil pump that simply stopped working or a cracked igniter. Refill the tank with fuel and check if that fixes the problem. If not, contact your local furnace expert for a service call right away.
  • Your oil furnace burner is not working – the potential causes for this particular issue are the lack of fuel or power loss. It is expected that your oil furnace burner will stop working in the midst of these issues. Make sure that you set the thermostat right and look around to check if there are blown fuses. Make sure your tank has sufficient fuel supply. Moreover, find out whether there are any broken or frayed wires leading up to your circuit. To resolve this issue, set the thermostat higher than usual and check if the system turns on. Other likely causes are an inoperable blower motor or a clogged filter.
  • There is smoke coming from your burner – any smoke coming from your burner is often due to a clogged nozzle. You can easily do a simple oil furnace repair by making adjustments on the nozzle. If it is not because of your nozzle, the cause may be a chimney obstruction or a decrease in air flow. The best fix for this issue is by adjusting or replacing the nozzle. But to find out the real reason for this problem, set it up for a combustion analysis done by an expert.
  • Your oil furnace is burning too much fuel – once you observe that your furnace is burning too much fuel than usual, you may need to make some adjustments immediately. The first thing you need to assess is your furnace’s condition and the last time you had it cleaned. Also, your home’s level of insulation has a significant role in temperature control. Considered as big energy wasters are drafty doors and windows. They literally suck the heat indoors at a rate faster that in is generated. Think about having a home inspection to determine how serious your home draft issue is. Also, have your ductwork checked. You have to ensure that your system is properly sealed to prevent air from escaping, leaving other rooms colder than the others.
  • There are fumes inside the house – it is not safe to have the lingering scent of fume inside your home. A cracked heat exchanger, clogged nozzle, or an improper furnace end cone are the potential causes of this particular problem. It is indeed a highly dangerous situation. If fumes persist even after changing the nozzle, hire a professional to clean your chimney.

These issues are just some of the common problems that require an oil furnace repair, whether done by yourself or mostly by a professional. Remember that when it comes to your family’s health, comfort, and safety, it is better to be safe than sorry.