Furnace Installation – 6 Steps to Less Pain

It’s best to face it; there will come a time when you need furnace installation services. The brutal winters are hard not only on your body, but also your home, specifically the heating system. Not many homeowners are excited over paying for a new furnace or HVAC technicians walking through their house, but it’s a necessary evil if you want to enjoy a warm, cozy home. There are a few things that are inevitable with a furnace installation, but there are also some tips you can follow to ease the pain of getting a new heating system.

Make Sure You Need a New Furnace

Purchasing a new furnace should be an optimistic time.  A time filled with joy that you are replacing the excessive banging, clanging, and poor heating of your old unit with quiet, optimum warmth and lower utility bills. Unfortunately, not everybody sees the hidden joy in getting a new HVAC system, and it can be a very stressful time for them. In order to alleviate some of these concerns, first make sure you need a replacement furnace installation.  In many cases, all you need to do is clean the vents with compressed air and changing the filters.  Or maybe call your local HVAC contractor to tune up your heating system.  That said, the life of the furnace is only 10-15 years and sometimes when they’re dead, they’re dead.

Start Budgeting Accordingly

Knowing that your furnace will only last about ten years is a good thing. It means you can start budgeting money as that time approaches to help take some sting away if your HVAC has a cardiac arrest and goes kaput in the middle of winter. Even putting away a minimal amount such as $200 over the course of 5 or 6 years will put a big dent in the final price tag of your new furnace installation.

Get Multiple Bids for a New Furnace

There’s an old saying in the industry that the job is only as good as the contractor.  If you have worries about getting a new furnace, try and get as many bids as possible and meet with a variety of HVAC personnel. By finding an HVAC contractor who is a good mesh with you personality-wise and one who values customer service over a quick buck you’ll have a much more pleasant overall experience. Plus, you won’t be intimidated to call back for service work or to ask questions because the contractor made it clear their door is always open so to speak. In addition, multiple bids allow you to compare industry prices and see if you’re getting charged way too much, or conversely a number well under the others that also raises red flags.

Ask HVAC Contractor If There’s Anything You Can Do

Another way to take some sting and hardship from your new furnace installation is by asking the contractors if there’s any work you can do prior to their arrival to save on labour costs. Depending on the complexity of your new furnace compared to your old you might be able to perform demolition work, so the crew has easy access to put ventilation in a new room. You might also be able to tear down and remove the old furnace system or do any other prep work that enables the crew to come in and get right to work. By lowering the labour costs, you in essence lower the price of the whole project.

Get Your House Ready for Arrival

Another way to make the new furnace installation go as streamlined as possible is to get your house ready for the contractor’s arrival. Move furniture that is en route from the front door to the utility room and do a general cleaning of the area. Lay down plastic sheeting so your home doesn’t get tracked with mud or clear out yard furniture so the crew can park their service vehicles in the back yard for direct access. In addition, contact the HVAC company beforehand to see if there are any additional accommodations you can make before they arrive on site.

Ask Questions / Check Out System Before Furniture Installation is Complete

In most cases, having a furnace installed isn’t nearly as intimidating as it may seem. Having said that, it’s very important to ask a number of questions of your installers so that you’re familiar with every single feature, service, and accessory associated with the new unit. Have the contractors do a dry run with you and explain how each feature works and show you the location of vents, shutoffs, and other important items.

While having the furnace installed can be a nuisance in real-time, you’ll soon forget about the hardships when you have a warm, comfortable home on those below zero days. Plus, by following these tips you can ensure that the process is as smooth and seamless as possible.