How to Install a Drain Plug in Your Bathtub

Many people don’t realize the important role a bathtub drain stopper plays in their hygiene routine. A drain plug is not needed if taking showers. In fact, if you regularly take showers, you might not even have one. However, as experts from the field said, if you enjoy a relaxing bath, a drain plug is a necessity. If your bathtub does not have a drain plug or it is not working properly, you can easily install one.

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A Simple DIY Plumbing Repair

There are any number of reasons you may need to replace a drain plug. There may be a small leak around the seal which allows water to drain while you’re taking a bath. You may have lost the old plug or never had one. The old drain plug may be broken, and you’ve been using a standalone plug, which can get in the way when you’re bathing. Or maybe you’re trying to update your bathroom and feel a new drain plug will change the look of your old tub. Regardless of the reason, you can purchase a drain plug kit which fits most tubs and would include the drain stopper and overflow caps.Drain Plug

Replacing the bathroom stopper is a simple repair that can be completed by most DIYers. The kit should contain all of the supplies to add the new stopper to the drain flange or use an adhesive to glue it in. If your flange has threads, it’s easiest to screw in the drain plug. If, not you will need to use the adhesive to create a perfect fit. The adhesive can also seal gaps if the threads in the flange do not line up with those on the drain plug. If the adhesive is used, you need to wait several hours to allow the adhesive to dry before using the tub or testing the drain.

Don’t Forget to Install the Overflow Cap

A press-on drain stopper does not need to be attached to a new or existing lever; which would be controlled by the overflow cap switch. If you use this type of drain stopper, your installation will be quite simple. However, you might find that for aesthetic purposes, you want to replace the overflow cap with a new model that matches the new drain plug.

In some tubs, the overflow cap can be replaced by unscrewing the old cap and replacing it with the brand-new one. However, this process can be more complex if you have to remove the old drain lever. If so, you may need extra tools in order to pull out the old parts and extract the pins.

Get Expert Help If You Need It

If you don’t feel you’re able to replace the drain plug on your own, or you need additional assistance with your bathroom reapers or installations, contact a professional local plumber.