HVAC Maintenance – Experts and Homeowners Alike

We can smell various odours all around us. Some are pleasant while some are a bit irritating and annoying to the nose. However, if there are unusual smells emitted by your HVAC system, it likely indicates a need for repair. You will have to call in an HVAC technician to do the job.

If for example, your HVAC unit smells like spoiled eggs, this could be an indication of a petroleum gas spill. Petroleum gas spill is very dangerous as it might cause fires and some health hazards due to its smell and chemical composition. Try not to do anything with it. Instead, turn off your HVAC system to … read more

HVAC Upkeep

When the air is very hot and humid, our mind usually drifts to things that could keep us cool and sane. We explore ways on how to better regulate the coolness or hotness of our homes to maintain indoor comfort and reduce the workload of our HVAC system. Keeping your heating, ventilation and air conditioning unit turned on for a very long time will definitely affect your utility bills and you won’t like it.

It is why it’s important to check the weather outside to know whether you need to turn on your AC or not. Often times your HVAC system breaks down because you use it for … read more

HVAC as a Home Modifier

Improving one’s home is definitely one of the things that a homeowner desires to do at some point in his or her life. Regardless of the odds, most homeowners will go to great lengths just to be able to live in a home that is safe, healthy, and is conducive for comfort.

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Visit this site for more information on how to ensure your heating and cooling system is operating at 100% efficiency.

Since basically everything is readily available on the internet, we try different tips and overlook the possibility of misconceptions and misinformation circulating on the web with regards to home improvement. If you are … read more

Pump Up Comfort, Not Costs

It takes more than just choosing an affordable heat pump that suits your budget and liking and installing them to where you want it to be when it comes to improving home comfort. Installing a heat pump requires utmost attention and expertise due to its nature and to avoid potential problems that may come with a poor installation. Hence, only HVAC experts should do it and not ordinary homeowners who know so little about how HVAC systems work. You’ll end up spending more money by trying to DIY, believe me.

Heat pumps are great in providing us with warm air that really comes in handy during cold and chilly days … read more

HVAC and Health

Many might not have known, but heat pumps – as they are commonly known for – are not only limited to heating indoor spaces, it also circulates heat. Heat pumps could indicate whether heat is present or not, whether it is necessary to be present inside the house or not. It moves heat around. It takes heat from where it is present and stores this heat for future use when needed. There are several indicators that your heat pump is not functioning well. These signs may include blowing room-temperature air and you never achieve the desired temperature.

Heat pumps are great contributors to keeping us warm on those cold … read more